Sitecore MVC Music Store

In my last blog post about using the MVC Framework inside Sitecore, I announced that I’d write another blog post on how to actually create a real world application with MVC inside Sitecore. The first blog post was just a proof of concept, creating a real world application with it, helps completing the code. In […]

Sitecore MVC

January 1st I started my new Job at eFocus, a full service internet company, at the department specialized in Sitecore development. I’d never worked with Sitecore before, so it was a complete new experience. Since I love the ASP.NET MVC way of development, I started looking if there was an option to use it for […]

Compile your asp.net mvc Razor views into a seperate dll

NOTE: THE GENERATOR HAS EVOLVED SINCE THIS POST.Although the post is still worth reading, please go to http://razorgenerator.codeplex.com/ for the most up to date version. Inspired by David Ebbo’s blog post ‘Turn your Razor helpers into reusable libraries’ I wanted to be able to embed compiled Razor views in a dll. This would allow for […]