eFocus crawler based Lucene Websearch for Sitecore (open source!)

If you work with Sitecore 7, you probably know that Sitecore 7 has greatly improved the search capabilities. But still, there is no native way to search through your generated html. There are several paid solutions like the dtSearch module for sitecore, but still, they all feel not to deepily integrated with Sitecore. At eFocus […]

Sitecore MVC

January 1st I started my new Job at eFocus, a full service internet company, at the department specialized in Sitecore development. I’d never worked with Sitecore before, so it was a complete new experience. Since I love the ASP.NET MVC way of development, I started looking if there was an option to use it for […]

Compile your asp.net mvc Razor views into a seperate dll

NOTE: THE GENERATOR HAS EVOLVED SINCE THIS POST.Although the post is still worth reading, please go to http://razorgenerator.codeplex.com/ for the most up to date version. Inspired by David Ebbo’s blog post ‘Turn your Razor helpers into reusable libraries’ I wanted to be able to embed compiled Razor views in a dll. This would allow for […]