So when I first saw Rico LiveGrid I fell in love with it!

Though, trying to implement it on my site, immediately some things started irritating me:

  • No support for the mousewheel
  • Your html-output needs to be serialized (ie. use <a> for <a>)
  • I don’t want the page itself to define the item height by using empty rows, I want it to calculate the height as soon as the first items load
  • Very strict html required (it must be a table with tr’s)
  • The use of Rico.AjaxEngine: ok, so it’s a cool script and everything. But imho it’s kind of outdated and bloated (all respects though!). Prototype is being build further, the effects part of prototype has already been seperated from the core and is now maintained at
    Prototype’s Ajax.updater does just as good a job as the Rico.AjaxEngine, etc.

So I forked the Rico.LiveGrid and created a version that works directly with prototype, has mousewheel support, and supports any kind of html (in theory ;)). I don’t have any time to setup a demo right now, but will do so soon.

Download here
Due to popular demand ;):
Demo here