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  1. Andy

    A very clear clean library of code to reuse. Many thanks.

  2. Jake Scott

    Hi Chris, I used the same technique when preview 3 came out and it works really well.

    I have a small suggestion and that would be to use the rev attribute of the a tag to define the target instead of the meta:ajaxtarget=”#maincontent”. Its just that it makes development so much easier when developing your pages with green validation lights :)

    Does the ajax history stuff you included rely on this attribute?

  3. Chris van de Steeg

    @Jake: the meta:ajaxtarget is used to determine where to put the loaded ajax-content (which div). I used this so it would be easy to create your own anchor-tags without having to using the HtmlHelpers.

    I agree, it should be valid xhtml. I’m not yet sure if using the rev attribute would be the best way to go though. We’d be using it the wrong way then, since it should indicate a relation between the current and the next page.

  4. Nick Berardi

    Hi Chris, I like where this is going. I just have a few concerns about why you require a Controller to be inherited. You can accomplish the same results by using an Attribute. I have created an attribute that allows you to simple specify [Service] at the method or controller level that will automatically serialize the ViewData on output if JSON, JSONP, or XML is requested.

    I also created my own serializer that works with anonymous types. I was having trouble with the JavaScriptSerializer that the Json ActionResult uses.

    contact me if you have any troubles.

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  6. Chris van de Steeg

    @Nick: Excellent suggestion! I’m converting it right now. Thanks alot

  7. Rodrigo

    The online demo is not working.

  8. Nick Berardi

    Cool Chris,

    Let me know if you need any help.

  9. Roger Chapman

    You mentioned ignoring the Contents folder in your routes; this is not required.
    In the new routing engine, if the file being requested exists on the folder structure (as the Contents folder) it will be automatically ignored by the routing engine.

  10. Chris van de Steeg

    @Roger: that’s only the case if you have the option to do catch all incoming requests (wildcard mapping). If you need .aspx in your url to go to (eg because your hosting company requires you), you need to exclude the Contents folder yourself

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