ProtoType LiveGrid now comes with XSLT

I just finished up the newest release of my RicoLiveGrid fork…
Probably this will be the last version I can build with Rico’s code, since there are to many differences with their version now. (Unless they follow my code, wich I encourage of course!).

So what’s all the difference then….

  • Superb scroll feeling… it looks just real 😉
  • We can still produce any HTML, in stead of fixed table-rows
  • We now have XSLT support!!! I’m really happy with this one. It allows to have
    any xml source as dataset for the grid. Just before it gets placed into the grid for viewing, you can do some xslt magic on it. Just have a look at the source of the yahoo demo to see how it works. This demo will take the literal html of the yahoo-api and gets parsed by our own xslt.
  • Auto-size. the livegrid can automatically do calculations and resizing if the grid is empty on forehand. This way your HTML page doesn’t need to know the exact row-size that will be returned by the
  • In stead of keeping a set of rows in the buffer, we keep the xml-source in the buffer, and any newly loaded source is merged with the first one. For merging that is not-standard, you can specify an xpath to select the rows that should be buffered & used for display.
  • And ofcourse, last but not least, the reason why I started the fork in the first place: the scrollwheel support!

The sources, demo’s etc can be found at:


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