Flash, hashes and ms ie bug

So today I was going to enable backbutton & bookmarking support for our epaper viewer (http://epaperdemos.modernmedia.nl/ – Dutch). To make this happen I ofcourse use the hash in the location, i.e. #2 for page 2. But weird things seem to happen with hashes & flash on the same page. It isn’t my own flash file that does this, it also happens on adobe.com for example.

Go to http://www.adobe.com/#logicalley using internet explorer and notice how #logicalley gets added to internet explorer’s window title as soon as the flash file is loaded … How weird is that.

I suspect that adobe’s flash is the one who causes this bug, since it does not seem to happen with other <object /> tags.

And more strange stuff seems to happen with the title. To reproduce:

  • Type _is_ behind #logicalley in the url
  • Hit enter
  • Type logical behind #logicalley_is_ in the url
  • Hit enter

The whole document title has dissapeared 🙁

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