HappyBirthday app – Vodafone App Star Country winner

I’m very (very!) happy to inform you all that my mobile app HappyBirthday! has won the 1st price at the Vodafone AppStar competition for the Netherlands. This also means, the app is now 1 of the eight apps in the the grand final! The first price of the finals is another € 75.000 !!
So I kindly ask you to all go vote at the Vodafone App Star website and get me that first price! 🙂

HappyBirthday is an app for the Vodafone 360 platform and helps you to never forget a birthday again.
You can read more about the app at the details page of HappyBirthday!

The Vodafone 360 platform is a new internet service for your mobile, PC and Mac. It brings your phone, email, chat and social network contacts together in one placeand runs on many many phones. You don’t need to have a vodafone account to join 360, anyone can join at http://360.com.

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