eFocus crawler based Lucene Websearch for Sitecore (open source!)

If you work with Sitecore 7, you probably know that Sitecore 7 has greatly improved the search capabilities. But still, there is no native way to search through your generated html. There are several paid solutions like the dtSearch module for sitecore, but still, they all feel not to deepily integrated with Sitecore.

At eFocus we created our custom Websearch module, which crawls your website (or any website) and then adds the html content to your Sitecore Lucene index. It’s a total integrated Sitecore solution, so configuring and using it is a piece of cake.

The project uses (a slightly modified version of) the awesome NCrawler for the crawling part.

Go checkout the module at the Sitecore Marketplace or take a look at the source on GitHub

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